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Close and ban puppy factories

Going back to the wild for a holiday (as seen in this video) is a dog dream but unfortunately not a reality for many dogs.
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Going back to the wild for a holiday (as seen in this video) is a dog dream but unfortunately not a reality for many dogs.

Especially dogs who spend their whole life in puppy factories or puppy mills - backyard and commercial operations. These operations continue around the world and are cruel and unethical.

Dog Futures would like puppy factories
closed and banned in every country

Operators who mass produce puppies
for profit are not animal lovers

They are hard nosed business people with little or no concern for the female dogs they incarcerate and force to breed in appalling facilities.

More people should be aware and be acting with greater responsibility when considering buying from these farms or from commercial outlets that use these farms as a source for puppies to fill their shop windows - especially around xmas time.

The conditions under which female dogs are kept and raised (from as young as 6 months old) on these farms - is appalling. Heartbreaking. It’s not uncommon for female dogs as young as six months old to be forced into having litters of pubs for their entire lives.


REALITY is: when they're no longer able to breed, they're euthanised.

Greater awareness needs to be built. When people jump on countries like China, which has a shameful track record of cruelty to dogs and animals in general, then they are not looking into their own backyard. In western countries, there is a whole other level of cruelty in these kinds of operations. Sublimated. Protected.

Legislation needs to change but education needs to be re-written and reinforced. Consumers have equal responsibility. Backyard operations like a recent one exposed in
Niagara in the United States, underlines the frustration for animal welfare, often hindered by legislation, which makes it difficult for authorities to act more quickly when they receive notice of illegal set ups. This case Niagara - of 64 pomeraniums, including five litters of puppies - was not the worst case of abuse as they appeared well fed, yet all dogs were found sleeping on top of their own feces. Also, the owner did not have a kennel license but was making fairly good money from her illegal breeding program - charging between $450 and $900 for the puppies.

Not good enough.

The disturbing truth about puppy factories is that they operate in towns and cities in most western countries from Australia to America to the UK. And the bottom line is: they exist not for the well being of dogs but for profit. Purely profit.

The Victorian RSPCA in Australia has released this simple and powerful little video.

You might want to help share this message as far as you can to educate and encourage others to take responsibility and action to close down these operations.

Sign petitions, see what you can do and pledge for action to change this reality.

Here are some useful links to go to in your country.

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